Shannon Snow Brand Ambassadors

Shannon Snow Brand Ambassadors: Be an #swoman

Shannon Snow Brand Ambassador

At Shannon Snow, we honor amazing women by creating powerful, functional clothing so they can #workplaygo.

If you are a confident, fun, go-getter we'd love you to join our squad as a Shannon Snow Brand Ambassador.

As an ambassador you will be expected to do just two things:

1. Follow @shannonsnow_sf on social media
2. Promote and share the Shannon Snow website, promotions and outfits to your network.

As an active Brand Ambassador:

• You will receive your own exclusive code to share with your network. For each item purchased with your code, your network will get $20 off, and you will get $20 (paid monthly via Venmo).
• You will be able to purchase outfits at 30% off.
• You will be eligible to receive free products and dresses from time to time so you can share the #shannonsnow love on social media.
• You will get exclusive invites to Shannon Snow events and newsletter.
• You will be featured on Shannon Snow’s website, blog and social media. This will help you to grow your subscribers and gain exposure.

There is no purchase necessary to be an ambassador or any commitment to either party. We are so grateful for your support and incredibly excited to invite you to join our Ambassador Program! To apply, tell us a little about yourself and we'll get back to you shortly.