Hi! I'm Shannon Snow

I'm a tech exec and angel investor

I built my career at Google and Meta.

My goal is to use technology to improve lives and help others.

Empowering Disruptors

At Meta, I lead a national team empowering Entertainment companies to grow their business with Facebook and Instagram, and move into the metaverse.

Previously, I helped build the Disruptors group, which accelerates innovative venture-backed startups.


I grew up at Google, spending more than a decade at the company.

It was a magical experience, and I had the opportunity to grow and lead business-facing teams at the Mountain View HQ as well as internationally in India. 

Angel Investor

I angel invest in early stage companies, with a focus on female and underserved founders.

I am particularly interested in founders building community to improve health, equality and social good.


Hear my interview on what my mom taught me about leadership, and the importance of compassion.

Let's connect

I love to travel, practice yoga and aerial arts, drink coffee and find humor in the world around me. If you want to wander with me, let's get social!