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Influencer Criseida spotlights Shannon Snow


Lifestyle influencer and women in tech advocate Criseida interviewed Shannon about the recent launch of her line.  

Women In Tech - Shannon Snow
Said Criseida: 

"If you were to ever ask me if I have a girl crush, I would absolutely say YES a million and a half times. My type of gal is hard-working, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy, smart and above all humble. Who may that be you ask? Shannon Snow. She's your modern day, rock star status, go-getter muse. A woman in tech herself, she helps schools go digital as Google's Head of Industry for Education. While working in Silicon Valley, she saw a desperate need for office-ready clothing that wasn't a hoodie. So this fall she launched Shannon Snow, a new clothing line that aims to help women succeed by making functional, professional, tech-friendly dresses. Are you obsessed yet? Because I'm totally in. Meet Shannon Snow."

What's on Shannon's nightstand? Find out at Criseida.
Get inspired by the Shannon Snow x Criseida style board on Pinterest.

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  • Ri

    You rock! I love your style! <3 – Rita Schiesser

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